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Mother Hustler began when people started asking me “how do you fit it all in?”, “Where do you find the time?”, “How many things do you actually do?”.  Over the past, almost, six years I have worked really hard t0 achieve a work life balance that suits all of us.  We have had ups and downs but none of it is down to luck, its all down to hard work!  I started Mother Hustler to show that it can be done, with good vision, organisation and dedication.  You can have time watching your children grow and run a successful business too – its all down to the choices you make.

In Mother Hustler, I wanted to document my work, our lives and our travels.  It is primarily a family blog focusing on lifestyle, travel and elements of my work that make all the other stuff possible.

I truly believe that the three most important things that we should invest in our lives are ourselves, our children and our family.  Mother Hustler embraces this every single day!  This blog is my joy, its an escape that I hope to turn into my career, alongside my social media management business.

I love photography and am practicing with videography – I really want to make Mother Hustler shine! I love being creative and you can see that across all my social media streams, where I am slowly building a good interactive audience.

I have written for Fashions Finest Magazine and manage their Instagram at London Fashion Week shows.  I have also written for global branding magazine, MilliOnAir and have appeared on radio several times as a guest on Women in Business Radio.

My aim is for Mother Hustler to work with likeminded creative people and brands who embrace entrepreneurial mothers and their children.  To that end, if you think you would like to work with me or my family, please get in touch.

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