Our Holiday to Corfu: Nissaki and Paleokastritsa

The last time we went on holiday abroad was two years ago.  Whilst the children were stills toddlers, we took the easy option of going all inclusive but for our holiday to Corfu we wanted to go solo and explore a bit.

It’s hard when setting up a business because you have to make cuts financially and so for the last two years we went without a foreign holiday as business needs dictated what we spent our money on.  We did go to a caravan in Cornwall, which was lovely, but there’s just something about being in another country.  Whether it’s the weather, the smell or generally being transported to somewhere where everything is different, we were definitely in need of a family break.

I was really looking forward to it being just the four of us, with no set rules and just being able to come and go as we please.  All inclusive has its plus points, such as catering, entertainment and scheduled activities but for this week, alls we wanted was to relax, eat local Greek food and see the island.  I went to Corfu with my mum when I was about ten and I still have fond memories of it so I was very keen for Sofia and Luca to experience the Greek Islands too.  We’re not the type of family to sit on the beach all day, every day, and with young children that’s pretty much an impossible task anyway.  We wanted a mix of beach and activity so I think we struck absolute gold when I found Nissaki Bay apartments when scrolling through options on Booking.com.

We flew with RyanAir to Corfu and rented a car from Hertz, in advance, to collect at the airport.  The apartment was about a 40 minute drive from the airport along the coast road so we were all super excited to see bright blue sea and feel the hot sun pounding the car as we drove to our new home for the next week.  As we drove through Ipsos I recognized the tiny beach wall straight away.  Thirty years ago a gust of wind had blown my mum’s scooter off that wall onto my ankle and I ended up in the local health centre with my foot in a bandage! That little area hasn’t changed a bit; the small pebbled beach, the bike and moped hire shops and the rustic tavernas that lined the beach all looked exactly the same.  It was like time had stopped. I loved it!

As we got closer to reaching Nissaki, the sea views got more spectacular! It was breath taking.  The sea was green mixed with azur blues that melted into pastel sky as the coastline faded back into the rocks.  Sofia and Luca were excited to see the boats that dotted the horizon and were besides themselves when I told them that we were going to hire one and take them out into the open sea!

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