I have always loved photography and remember the first time my heart skipped a beat when I saw Steve Curry’s Afghan girl with the green eyes.  I love taking the usual holiday photos but when I had children I wanted to be able to capture moments and create a gallery of our adventures.  Of course, like most parents I want the doe eyed baby shots and the twinkly lights background but what I really want to achieve is normal stuff like brushing teeth, learning to tie shoe laces and the elusive ‘real’ smile when they think nobody is watching. I’m also the mum who’s right there with the phone or camera, taking photos of the children.  Anyone would swear they don’t have parents because there are very few photos of me with them or of all of us as a family.  I want to correct that with this blog as it gives me a purpose to be more focused with the photos I’m taking rather than a quick iPhone snap.  At last I’ll have decent family shots to hang on the wall!

My mum bought me a Nikon DSLR for my 40th birthday and after attending a mini course to learn how to use it, I quickly forgot everything I was taught! And I didn’t practice.  That’s the most crucial part, right? Practice.  I work with a 50m lens and have a relatively good idea of what I’m doing but nobody likes a half job Harry so, I have recently enrolled myself on not one but THREE photography courses! Check me out taking the bull by the horns!

Ultimately I will take all photos shown on this blog but for now here are a few of my current favourites.

The Beginning

My Family

My Babies

My children photo

My Work Photo