Fashions Finest Instagram Takeover at London Fashion Week

Fashions Finest Instagram takeover

I’ve been building my social media prowess for a while now and it was very exciting to be asked to take over Instagram as a reportage for Fashions Finest at London Fashion Week, SS17.

CEO Deborah St Louis approached me as she’d seen some of my work.  However, fashion is definitely not my selling point so I questioned her request, reminding her that I mostly wear flip flops and pyjama bottoms! I was so excited to be invited and I thoroughly enjoyed the day, met loads of cool people and did something out of my comfort zone.  I loved getting dressed up and it was a world away from playing mum, that’s for sure!

Fashions Finest is the second largest off schedule event organiser at London Fashion Week so I was expecting it to be quite fabulous and it didn’t disappoint.  I arrived at The Grand Connaught Rooms at about 10am and immediately had a brief about what to expect from the day.  I was given access to back stage where the models were getting ready, hair and make up was being prepared the designers were ironing, steaming and prepping their collections.


Fashions Finest SS17Fashions Finest SS17

I had never been in a situation like this before and I was totally awe struck at how it was all put together.  I watched as the catwalk was erected, models practiced their walk and photographers took their place in the media seats at the end of the catwalk.  I ran up and down stairs trying to capture shots and videos, posting them immediately to Instagram.  The live feed was received really well.  Images were taken then displayed on a huge TV screen shown in the networking area where fashion folk air kissed and mingled whilst perusing the wears of pop up stall holders.  It was fascinating!

Fashions Finest - arriving guests

When the show was about to begin I took my place at the centre of the end of the catwalk.  From there, I took short videos and uploaded them to Insta.  I took shots of the models and the collections then tagged the designers.  The atmosphere was electric! The music was like being in an other world, transporting me to a place of vivid colours, unusual designs and creations that were beyond my high-street comprehension.

The Designers

Gia Viviana DimicovaHellavagirl SS17US Fashion Source SS17

Designer Gia Viviana Dimicova flew in that morning from Miami and put on an amazing show of monochromes, leather and see through fabrics.  Her black and white leather zip dresses were stunning!

Britain’s Top Designer, Helen Woollams showcased her Hellavagirl Rockstar Couture label and WOW!, just WOW! The anticipation as the drama of the music swept over the catwalk and then the models, as in slow motion, descended the runway in huge fluffy black and white creations with matching head pieces.  The shoes were platform and wrapped in chiffon bows.  The whole affair was absolutely stunning and received a well deserved standing ovation!

After the first few shows were done, I got to try on the jewellery and even wore a head dress by Marianna Harutunian, that Lady Gaga used in her video for her song Judas.  Some of the pieces were stunning and I particularly loved the diamond crown that you can see in my About photo.  Given I was surrounded by all the glamour, it would have been rude not have my make up touched up so I sat down and let make up artist Danni Field do her work.  I have always wanted to do a proper wing but when I do it, its more like a tyre track than a wing so I was elated to have winged eyes for the day!  Danni is an amazing make up artist and made me feel like a proper star!


Marianna HarutunianDanni Field MUA

The last show of the day saw the entrance of more celebrities and I was happy to see Charlotte Crosby there.  She was so lovely and obliging and I had a chat with her as she took her place on the front row *FROW*.  A few days after this event, I learned that my photo of her had made it into the tabloids! Go me! Blogger, turned social media pro, turned pap to the celebs! (well, on that one occasion at least!)

Charlotte Crosby

The day ended at about 8pm and I literally fell onto the tube as my legs couldn’t carry me a single step more! It was an amazingly eye-opening day.  I loved the experience and the Instagram take over was a huge success with clients of Fashions Finest asking how photos of the catwalk got into social media in real time – well, my loves, that’s because I was perched snapping away as fast as my little sausage fingers could go!

I can’t wait for the next season and really look forward to doing the whole thing all over again!

Mother Hustler at Fashions Finest SS17 LFW

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.  All photos were taken by and are the copyright of KellyAnn Schiavo.



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