A Tailor Made Afternoon with Men’s Couture Designer Crow and Jester

Having an Italian husband gives me VIP access to the world of men’s style, right? I mean, matching colours, polos with collars up, embossed shoes and dusky pink cashmere sweaters draped around the shoulder on balmy London evenings. Wrong. Max was at the back of the queue when the style card was handed out.  So, I was super excited to have been asked to attend a tailor made afternoon with men’s couture designer Crow and Jester, with my buddies Melanie Jones PR and branding extraordinaire, Chris Windley. This was my opportunity to take home some style tips and put the Italian back into the stallion!

Men’s Couture Designer Crow and Jester

Crow and Jester individually design and tailor couture men’s suits, shirts and coats, which are created to complement the owner’s personality.  Simon, the owner, only meets clients by appointment in attempt to really know the character behind the person wearing the suit.  In that way he can magically tailor the cloth, the stitching, the lining and the cut to intricately represent the person. Crow and Jester have sold their collections in shops and department stores across the UK, including Harrods.

Melanie and I drove up to the stunning Stoke Park hotel where the event was being held.  We got stuck in traffic (yeah, thanks London!) and redirected by Google but it was great to hang out and catch up on the world of celebs and PR.  As we approached the hotel, the view was breath-taking! Awarded 5 AA Red Stars and priding itself on luxury and outstanding service, it was no surprise that a couture designer had chosen this venue for his event.  With ‘attention to detail.. and personal touches’ in common, it proved to be an unforgettable afternoon of style.

As we entered the main hotel, The Mansion, (not the spa entrance to which we naturally gravitated! Oops), up the grand entrance stairs and into the lobby, it was just stunning! The décor was all the colours of the season in oranges, mustards and gold, accessorised with huge sparkling chandeliers and roman-esq pillared lamps lighting up the art beneath the stairwells.  There were plush purple and grey velvet high backed chairs neatly placed by a roaring fire.  The whole scene was utterly inviting.

As we entered the Fountain room where the event was being held, we were greeted by double French doors opening out onto vast green land, focusing on the huge fountain that over flowed the courtyard outside.  The table was set in creams and golds and the suits adorned the outskirts of the room.  Hanging from a large white frame and positioned on mannequins, the suits were perfectly placed to showcase their detail.  Some were unfinished to highlight their intricate stitching whilst others were complete and demanded attention as they stood proudly looking over us.

The intriguing company logo of a beetle at first seems slightly mismatched.  What does that have to do with men’s couture? Simon explains his choice of logo in perfect detail and suddenly like adding that last button to a shirt, it all falls into place.  Simon says:

“A beetle’s shell is everything a suit should be to a man, representing its flawless form and ability to adapt perfectly to every environment”

A Tailor Made Afternoon with Men's Couture Designer Crow and Jester A Tailor Made Afternoon with Men's Couture Designer Crow and Jester

The detail and quality exudes Simon’s passion.  The luxurious orange curtains that finished the end of the room, stood as a perfect backdrop for Simon’s tailoring of Verve Rally owner, Marcus.  Simon took every inch of cloth into account, fixing it and repositioning it until he was satisfied. Marcus was totally trusting in Simon’s skill and left him to work his magic!

A Tailor Made Afternoon with Men's Couture Designer Crow and Jester

Luxe Networking

The event was hosted by a Cardiff based company, IntroBiz, Wales’ largest independent business networking company and what an atmosphere they created in the room! It was a perfect mix of business owners and I really enjoyed chatting and hearing everyone’s story.  Tracey from IntroBiz was a total ball of energy and her enthusiasm and love of life was contagious!

Almost two years ago I met Olympic Gold medallist Jamie Baulch through Chris Windley & The Branding Initiative.  It was lovely to finally meet him in person and hear about his connection to Crow and Jester.

A Tailor Made Afternoon with Men's Couture Designer Crow and JesterA Tailor Made Afternoon with Men's Couture Designer Crow and Jester

After an incredible lunch and networking around the room, Simon packed up his suits and bid farewell to his friends.  We swapped business cards, exchanged laughs and Melanie and I prepared ourselves for our return road trip back to London.  From the location to the guests, the afternoon was tailor made to suit everyone!

Thank you to Chris and Jamie for the invite and wishing huge luck to Simon with his already massively successful collection!


  1. Julia

    Wonderful blog KA xxx – great things ahead


    1. KellyAnn Schiavo

      Thanks Julia! Yes it was a great afternoon & plenty more of those afoot! xx


  2. Linda Clark

    A great blog and a great brand! I’ll definitely be adding to my list of companies to recommend to male clients. Thank you


    1. KellyAnn Schiavo

      ah thank you Linda! Their collection was really stunning. I’m obviously not a huge male fashion advocate but I was in awe of the passion and craftmanship that Simon displayed. You should definitely connect. xx


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