Before children, and before Mother Hustler was born, I worked in Investment Banking for fifteen years but when I returned after my son was born, I felt that journey had come to an end.  I wanted to express my creative side and explore other opportunities.  I wanted more time to spend with my children who were still toddlers.  So, I quit my job and started a whole new exciting adventure!

I went on to set up two businesses; the latter being in social media management.  I work flexibly around my children and I feel that I really have achieved the best of both worlds.  Being a mum doesn’t meant that being “me” had to stop.  In fact, it makes it all the more important for me to explore the things I’m interested in because that makes me happy too.  I mean, I love my children with all my heart but I also love the creative time that I have to myself as the social media business allows me to have that.  I have worked with some truly influential brands from Bentley to Fashions Finest at London Fashion Week, amongst others.  I honestly believe that being able to do all this makes me a better well-rounded parent.  It’s great but it is hard at times, don’t get me wrong! Its a juggling act but I make it work – it has to work so that as a family we individually get to do the things we love.

I absolutely love travelling and before children I travelled a lot, living a while in Peru.  We have travelled together as a family, mostly to Europe, but this is something I aim to change now that the children are getting a bit older.

I love photography and have recently invested in some new kit! How excited am I to start clicking away with my new camera?! I relish in capturing the moments in life that I would otherwise forget; learning to tie shoe laces, food on their faces, brushing teeth, bedtime stories – all the little things that mean a such a lot.

For the past few years I have been making family videos, mostly of our travels and adventures – as keepsakes to look back on.  The children love watching them.  If I’m brave enough I might post them here and you can let me know what you think!

I love singing (I used to be in a London choir), Beyoncé, Japanese food, good coffee, hot weather, flowers around the house and wearing my pyjama bottoms past noon!

This blog is a capsule of moments and milestones in my family, my life and my businesses.  It’s something I can one day show my children as an example that things can change, that they too can do anything they set their minds to, even if other people tell them they can’t! I want it to show them that I did my best, that I hustled everyday to make it happen – that I was able to give them the most important thing, my time.  I made it possible to have both parents at home with them, to enjoy time together as a family and time to experience all the crazy highs and lows of the early years before they’ve passed in the blink of an eye.

What I hope this blog shows is that mothers, wives, women can do it all – you just need to work it out and find a balance that suits you.  I’m the happiest and most content I’ve ever been and I can say that whole heartedly!

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Thank you so much for reading!

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