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I had the idea for this blog when people started asking me “how do you fit it all in?”, “Where do you find the time?”, “How many things do you actually do?”.  Over the past, almost, six years, I have worked really hard to achieve a work life balance that suits all of us.  We have had ups and downs but none of it is down to luck.  It’s all down to hard work!  I wanted to show that it can be done, with good vision, organisation and dedication, women in jobs that they hate, mothers who yearn to work around their children, can have it all!  That of course depends on what your ALL is?! You can have time watching your children grow and run a successful business too – its all down to the choices you make, the effort you put in and the collaborations or joint ventures that you choose.

This blog is a capsule to document my work, our lives and our travels.  It is primarily a family blog focusing on lifestyle, travel and elements of my work that make all the fluffy stuff possible.  There is no doubt that if I was still working in a corporate job, I would not be able to afford to do half the things I do, or go to the half the places I go.  When I say afford, I mean both time and money.  When I started my own business, I didn’t earn a fortune straight away.  For a few years it was a struggle but we adapted and we didn’t have holidays.  We weren’t exactly frugal but we did go without for a while.  It was an investment for our future, to take a step back now so that we can move forward ten fold in the future.  We’re not quite where we want to be yet but we’re stepping closer every day.

I truly believe that the three most important things we should invest in is ourselves, our children and our family.  I embrace this ethic every single day as I raise my children to have confidence and high self esteem, as I work ethically and with integrity and as I conduct my business with passion and purpose.

This blog is my joy and it’s my hope that one day when the children are older, I can sit them down and say to them “look, mummy did this, with hard work and determination everything you want in life is possible!” 

I love being creative

You can see that across all my social media streams, where I am building a good, engaged audience.

I have worked with

Work With Me KellyAnn SchiavoWork With Me KellyAnn SchiavoWork With Me KellyAnn SchiavoWork With Me KellyAnn SchiavoWork With Me KellyAnn Schiavo

I have written for

Fashions Finest Magazine, second largest off schedule event organiser for London Fashion Week and host of Britain’s Top Designer.  I have also managed their Instagram account at London Fashion Week shows.  I was primary contributor for global branding magazine, MilliOnAir and have appeared several times as guest on Women in Business Radio.

Work With Me KellyAnn SchiavoWork With Me KellyAnn SchiavoWork With Me KellyAnn Schiavo

I also work in collaboration with

Work With Me KellyAnn Schiavo

I work with like minded, passionate, creative people and brands who embrace entrepreneurial women and their children.  Not all collaborations are about family or parenting but that’s the beauty of being a working mother – sometimes you just have to go it alone! I am open to and consider most joint ventures but will only accept those that are suitable to my brand and those that I feel I can really be of value to because I am passionate about the brand or cause.

If you would like to work with me or my family, please get in touch.

You can send an email here or fill in the form below.

I look forward to hearing from you and creating amazing things!

Work With Me KellyAnn Schiavo Work With Me KellyAnn Schiavo Work With Me KellyAnn Schiavo
















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