24 Hours at London Fashion Week with Fashions Finest

This past weekend I had the huge pleasure of attending London Fashion Week for the second time with Fashions Finest, “the platform for UK and international emerging designers and one of the most ‘sought after and popular show’ during London Fashion Week”. A lot can happen in 24 hours at London Fashion week so I’ve done my best to capture the best bits!

You might remember that I attended last year when I did an Instagram take over when not only were my photos of that event used by the tabloids but also more recently have been featured in the AW18 online magazine.  I still have to pinch myself that I get to go to these amazing events and I’m forever grateful to CEO Deborah St Louis and my gorgeous friend Melanie Jones PR for inviting me along again.

Here is my 24 hours at London Fashion Week with Fashions Finest.

I arrived at the venue at about 10am where the beginnings of the day were in full swing; the VIP bar was being arranged, exhibitors were setting up and I managed to grab five minutes with Melanie to discuss the plan for the day.  The atmosphere was calmer than I had imagined with people flowing from one room to the next, busily preparing for what was to be an amazing day ahead.  Backstage was buzzing with models being dressed, collections being hung and there was a hustle in hair and make up as artists set to work on their transformations.

24 Hours at London Fashion Week

As guests began to arrive, the front row was a wash of colour as happiness guru, Kala Kala, dazzled in his own original outfit.  Meanwhile, VIP guest Georgia Louise Harrison of Love Island and TOWIE enjoyed front row viewing with her friends.


The Designers

The first show was about to begin.  I took my place on the front row next to Chris Windley.  I’d not seen Chris in such a long time so it was lovely to be up close and personal with him on the #frow.  As everyone took to their seats, the music began and the first collections were showcased.  There’s nothing quite like that feeling of excitement when you take your seat and you just don’t know what to expect.  Then the music starts so as to give a clue as to what type of collection is about to be revealed but you couldn’t guess it – the atmosphere is amazing in those first moments of the unveiling!

Young designer, Akame, wowed with bright frills and laced shoes while Unbridled Couture’s  gowns shone in elegant rose gold hues. I loved the autumn look from Helen Howe Atelier and would actually buy many of the items in her collection.  The aubergine and orange tones reflected the season while the slight military look to her jackets added a power-femme edge.  In deep contrast, 13 Magpie Designs Studio wowed the audience with it’s funked up oversized tent coats and huge pom pom head boppers!  There were so many amazing designers this season, not forgetting those who showcased for the first ever Prince’s Trust Collective.  Fashions Finest is the first event organiser at London Fashion Week to

Akame at Fashions Finest

The Exhibitors

I really love a snoop so browsing around the exhibitors area in between shows was perfect.  Amongst others, I loved Caroline Mix & Match designs.  Her story about wanting to have a change of clothes but never wanting to carry heavy bags around is so simple and her collection is absolute genius.  Zip off mix and match clothes might just be the vision of the future! Not forgetting the shoes by Polina Magiy which are hand made and detail Arabic patterns and gems into the shoe.  They were so exotic and feminine and I loved the electric blue and bright fuscia.

I absolutely adore fashion weekend.  I love the atmosphere and the excitement.  I love meeting extraordinary people that I otherwise would never connect with.  I love seeing the talent, how people have an idea and turn it into something truly amazing! It really is a world away from my world and it’s a weekend when I can totally immerse myself into being creative.  Its no secret that I love photography but more recently I’ve dabbled in videography.  I’ve been making and editing videos for my family for the past few years but I took advantage of London Fashion Weekend to put something together – in this video I’ve managed to capture 24 hours of awesomeness in 5 minutes!  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!








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