Letter to Luca on Your Third Birthday

Letter to Luca on Your Third Birthday

Dear Luca,

You promised me you would stop growing at your second birthday and here you are already at your third!

When you came along, I couldn’t imagine what life would be like with anybody but your big sister.  I couldn’t imagine how much you would change me.  I couldn’t imagine how I would look at you and fill up with such happiness and love that no number could put an amount to it.  I couldn’t have imagined the feeling I get when you climb up on my knee and throw your arms around my neck.  You nuzzle your head into my shoulder, like that tiny space was made for just you.

I feel so utterly grateful that I have been able to spend every single day of your three years with you.  So utterly grateful that when you fall, I’m there, when you’re poorly, I’m there and when you jump off trees that are way to high for you, I’m there.

Luca, you are the most affectionate little guy I know.  I love that when you’re playing with your horses or your policemen, you stop to give me a kiss.  It’s like you know that that’s exactly what I needed right at that precise moment.  It fills my heart with joy.  It’s you know that that was the only thing in the whole world to lift my spirits and you were the person to do it!

You’re funny too, really funny! Your laugh is contagious and I never tire of it. Your little face fills with light and your smile stretches from ear to ear.  You’re at the age when poo, wee and bogies are the topic of every conversation and usually the reason for raucous laughter from you and your sister!  It’s especially funny to speak about food as thought its poo.  When I ask what you’d like for dinner your response is always “poo please”.

You are very clever and everybody tells me so: “Isn’t he switched on for his age!”, “Wow! His speech is fantastic!”, “Doesn’t he draw and colour well!”.  Whilst I’m sure you have learnt a lot from your big sister, I’m certain it really is just because you are really smart! You’re dad and I think you will be an engineer when you grow up as you plan everything precisely, take it apart and build it back again.  I’m forever finding dollies without limbs or cars without wheels in the aftermath of one of your experiments.  I’m forever injuring my feet from walking on toys that have been dismantled and left on the bedroom floor!

Enough of the praise though, let me tell me you about that temper of yours!  You are fierce! You are determined! You are powerful!  For a three year old, you have a head made of steel – you could knock down walls with that head and I’ve been victim to it on many occasion!  You are super strong willed and when your mind is set, there is no negotiating with you.  You definitely like to push buttons and you know you’re doing it! When you have an idea, there is no stopping you until it’s executed. You get so excited when trying to explain yourself that your little brain can’t go fast enough and you lose your words, even Sofia says “Luca, breathe, just breathe..”.

You love police and baddies and everything about dogs.  You even become a dog sometimes, panting on all fours around the house with your tongue hanging out! You love Peter Rabbit stories and get so engrossed in the tail that I wish I could capture your expressions forever (you have such an expressive face).  Spiderman is a favourite, especially when you’re trying to be him diving off the side of the bath!

Today on your birthday we had a celebratory breakfast with your favourites; sausages and pan au chocolate (not together!).  We went to church where you were extremely well behaved (thank you!) and we went shopping for you to choose your big gift.  You cried buckets in the toy shop because you wanted to take the Spiderman bike home.  That was, until you spotted the police bike with a siren, flashing lights and a bell.  How could we resist?

I wish for you that every day is like your birthday, that you’re blessed with good people around you to show you right from wrong, that you’re blessed with the humility to not be stubborn and seek help when you need it, that you’re blessed with gratitude and take nothing for granted.  What I wish most for you is happiness.  That you will spend a childhood of love, joy and new adventures.

I promise you Luca that I will work my hardest to make sure that you and your sister have everything in life that you deserve.

I am so so proud of you and I love you more than my life.  I wish you the happiest third birthday a boy could ever have!

Mamma xx

Letter to Luca on Your Third BirthdayLetter to Luca on Your Third Birthday

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